zondag 6 augustus 2017

It is already time for the full moon of this month and at the same time we have a lunar eclipse.

With this theme to look at abundance and your destiny what we attract in a good or in a bad way
all controlled by our thoughts.
Also it is during this moon important to look what you have already done and to see that you can
be proud of yourself ( something we forget to do being proud of what we already accomplished  )
but also to put a mirror in front of us what came back to us and what did we learn form it.

Some pieces of the puzzle in your life can be solves and new emotions and thoughts can come
your way, and you will feel a boost of creativity.

The lunar eclipse is fort his month a sign for us too look also at our shadow side and to solve the things our shadow side did unconscious we don't have to know what it was but going into
mediation for example can help to solve it.
For the coming last months of 2017 ( august - december) you can clean yourself from what you did the first months of 2017 this is important because the last half year will be much different that the first half year.

Try to stay close to yourself this month you might feel tired and fights or irritations can be around the corner so take care this full moon.

When someone doesn't argue, it's less likely that she has no reason. she just doesn't intend to fix it
from : orchidaaorchid.tumblr.com 
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