maandag 5 juni 2017

We humans are creators we feel and know that deep down within us.
Negative thoughts can be created too and still that is something we need to be aware of more, still not always things are turning out like the negative thought but the feeling/emotion is circling
around us and can end up in other things that are not nice.
We doubt ourselves too much about so many things like work or family or other important things in human life.
But we must know that even though it doesn't feel like it, that every time we do something there is someone or some higher power that is appreciating us.

HSP are super creators and the creativity and emotionality they have will always work perfectly to manifest quicker. They need to cut cords with Archangel Micheal often or need to clean themselves

Shield yourself with a color you like to protect yourself from harm. Harming energies from other can also manipulate us even if it is not in a harmful way like their sadness is also affecting you to
say an example. So make sure your own emotions are yours and don't make the emotions of othersyours. Of course we all want to help someone but we need to stay true to our own system it is also important to protect that too.

Stay positive and be good to yourself.:

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